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Sovereign Grace

Periodically, someone asks, ‘What do Primitive Baptists believe?’ If I were asked what single feature distinguishes us from most other fellowships, I would answer, ‘We emphasize the doctrines of grace.’ To say ‘I believe in the doctrines of grace’ is to say, ‘I believe that the work of saving sinners is God’s from start to finish.’ This work has not been given to the individual, the government, educational institutions, the home, or even the church. Without qualification, I say that the major distinguishing factor is this emphasis on God’s sovereign grace.
Sovereign grace refers to God’s initiative in salvation, moving toward man to bestow this gift, not because He is obligated to bless, but because it is His sovereign pleasure to bless. It also means that God is in absolute control of the work of salvation. Nothing can thwart His purpose. There are no external limitations upon His power. The doctrines of grace include the following truths.